David (okitasan) wrote,

I got owned by my forgetfulness today.  I rented an anime film from Netflix called Origin: Spirits of the Past - which based on the description (Post apocalyptic Earth, plants are now the worlds most intelligent life form, girl from the past awakens from stasis etc etc) seemed pretty interesting, and the opening sequence which I saw on youtube was pretty cool.  About 3 minutes after the introduction everything started to seem a little to familiar, and about 10 minutes in I started to wonder if I'd seen the movie before. 

After a while I realized I saw it under it's Japanese title, Gin-iro no Kami no Agito, and that I apparently disliked the movie so much that I had forced all memory of it from my mind.  Since it was here, I decided to watch it through again.  Basically it felt like a bad knockoff of Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind and Laputa mixed with all the most cliche tropes of an overdone J-RPG.  Actually, if it were an 100 hour video game instead of a movie I could see it being quite enjoyable, the flow of the story would work well fleshed out as an RPG, but felt really rushed and incomplete as a feature length movie.  

The background artwork was really amazing, and the designs for world were nice, but the character designs were so bad!  It was disorienting seeing such bland characters over such beautiful background artwork.

"We have the same face!"

Oh, and the main character spent most of the movie shouting the main girl's name.  Pretty much every overdone anime trope you'd expect to see made an appearance. 

Hmm, I think I'll go watch Game of Thrones.


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